1 August - 1 December 2017 | Amsterdam , Netherlands

We invite youth workers who want to learn how to design and implement strategy at youth organizations to join the e-learning course!

Planning the strategy of the youth organization can be as important as preparing the list of activities for the next year. But how to prepare the strategic plan correctly? What the strategy should include? And how to align the work of the organization to that strategic plan?

We invite you to the on-line course where you will learn about the strategy and how to prepare the strategic plan for the youth organization. A good strategic plan can be highly beneficial for the success of the organization.

During the course you will learn about the theory of strategy. You will be offered materials which will give you better understand of what strategy is, what is the role of the strategy at the organization. You will learn how to prepare the strategic plan. As well as you will learn a number of practical examples from the practice demonstrating what strategy is. The course is based on the programs taught at business schools but adjusted to be relevant to the work of youth organizations.

Knowledge of professional methodologies, modern practices and tools in the field of strategic planning will allow to take the organization on a significantly new professional level!

We believe good education in the field of the management of youth organizations (including the learning of strategy) can contribute greatly to the organization and allow it to become more effective. We invite youth workers to join on-line course to learn how to effectively manage the organizations. At the same time we think only on-line education without any personal interaction will not be very helpful and that is why each course includes communication with the tutor who will provide guidelines.

Language of all courses is in English.

Each course is structured in the following way:
1. A participant receives study materials and has 2 months to learn the material. During this period he/she can communicate with the tutor, receive instructions, feedback, ask questions. 
2. A participant receives assignments from a tutor and has 1 months to complete them. The assignments consist on 3 parts: theoretical – where a participant is asked theoretical questions on what he/she has learnt; practical – where a participant is asked to apply the knowledge to a practical situation; personal – where a participant is asked to reflect on his/her learning outcomes. 
3. Within a month a participant receives the feedback from a tutor.

Participants who will successfully complete the course will receive the certificate (the certificate is issued by the Netherlands Additional Education Center).

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This E-learning is

for 20 participants

from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries , Other countries in the world , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU 

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Youth workers

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UCG (NGO/Others)

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Valeriya Kiseleva

E-Mail: utrechtcg@outlook.com

Phone: +31 30 879 50 55


The courses are subsidised and every participant is only asked to pay 52 euro administration fee.